8 Ways Excel HQ helps instructors, trainers and coaches manage & grow their business!

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Benefit #1 - Excel HQ Solves The Information Organization Problem

Stop fumbling through disorganized desk files and scraps of paper notes to find the information you need.

Get quick contact information in the Client List View. Get detailed client information in the Profile View. See session and payment history in the Transaction View.


Benefit #2 – Excel HQ Solves The Scheduling Problem

Keep track of all of your scheduled sessions along with other business and personal appointments. To prevent missed sessions, Excel HQ can send a personalized email reminder notice to all attendees.

Keep track of your sessions in the integrated calendar. Eliminate no-shows and late arrivals! Tell Excel HQ to send your 'forgetful' clients appointment reminders.


Benefit #3 – Excel HQ Solves The Session Tracking Problem

Tracking client sessions has never been easier!

Use your smart phone to scan your client's unique ZoneCode to easily record a client session. Or, simply review and log sessions that you had previously scheduled in your calendar. You can add as much detail as you would like about the sessions you conduct.


Benefit #4 – Excel HQ Solves The ‘Getting Paid’ Problem

Excel HQ can send a personalized payment reminder email to any of your clients that have a payment coming due including a link to enable your clients to pay you through the industry leading PayPal® online payments service. Excel HQ will automatically create a payment transaction for that client, keeping your records up to date.

Tell Excel HQ when you would like payment due reminders sent and personalize the contents of the email. Your payment due reminders can include an invoice and a "Pay Now" link to enable your clients to pay easily and securely using the industry leading PayPal® online payments service. Excel HQ automatically produces professional invoices so your clients are always aware of the services you provide and the fees they owe.


Benefit #5 – Excel HQ Reports Solves the Business Visibility Problem

Managing the financial aspects of your business is often one of the biggest challenges you will face. With Excel HQ Reports, you'll always know where your business stands.

The Transaction History report lets you and your clients know about all sessions and payments. The Payments Coming Due report gives you early insight into which of your clients needs to make a payment. The Revenue Summary report lets you and your accountant know exactly how the business is doing.


Benefit #6 – The TouchPoint Zone Client Portal Extends the Services You Can Provide

Time is valuable. For example, mom may be at the gym with a personal trainer, dad may be taking golf lessons with the local pro, and little Susie is taking dance lessons before going to martial arts class with her brother Johnny. The TouchPoint Zone client portal creates a convenient, connected ecosystem so service providers and their clients can make the most of their time together.

The TouchPoint Zone Dashboard gives your clients key information at a glance. Your clients can access Lesson/Activity plans you have created that further capture your unique approach and enable your clients to continue their progress. Your clients can see Progress reports based on key indicators you define and enter for their sessions.


Benefit #7 – TouchPoint Zone Optimizes Your Time

The TouchPoint Zone Client Calendar helps your clients be on time for appointments, enroll in classes you have created plus lets them schedule additional sessions with you which means more business!

  The TouchPoint Zone calendar means fewer missed or late appointments plus more business.  


BENEFIT #8 – TOUCHPOINT ZONE gives you exposure to a large community

Now, when mom logs in to her TouchPoint Zone account to see her appointments with her personal trainer, she can also interact with other community members with similar interests and best of all, use the Service Provider Directory to find a piano teacher for Susie, confident in the knowledge that other TouchPoint Zone families are using that teacher.

The TouchPoint Zone forums give you and your client's access to many others with common interests and needs. The TouchPoint Zone Service Provider Directory lets you be found by a large community of individuals all looking to Excel in life!


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